Lloyd Harris

Lloyd Harris, founder and contributing author of deemystify.com, is a technology enthusiast with several years of I.T Systems Service Delivery experience. Having worked in global industries and at fortune 500 companies, Lloyd believes that technology runs best when people (the end users/consumers) have unhindered insights into the underlying processes (bolts and nuts) that power break through innovations.

Who We Are

Deemystify is an online platform designed to bridge the divide between technical and non-technical users. “Deconstruct, Keep I.T Smart & Simple” is a phrase visitors are likely to encounter (both literal and implied) throughout our site. We want to ensure this becomes the construct of our goal and serves as reminder on who we are to our visitors.

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Businesses continue to experience negative impacts in areas such as mismanagement or misuse of IT infrastructure resources, self inflicted security vulnerabilities, and decreased staff productivity, due to unnecessary complex control policies that depend on technical and non-technical consumers facilitation.

What We Do

Contents on this site are targeted at an audience that laboriously search through stacks of meta-data on a daily basis hoping to find a finished product that addresses immediate technical needs, someone desirous of making a career change into the technology industry, or a consumer with interest in deciphering the science behind information technology. Students, project managers, and hiring agencies may find contents shared on Deemystify inspiring and a resource platform for designing well-crafted job titles and responsibilities to align with and address immediate hiring needs.

Because articles on Deemystify are written using experiences of well rounded I.T professionals, a good amount of effort has been exerted to ensure that each article published on our blog represents trending issues within the I.T realm. We encourage you to connect with us through our contact page and provide any feedback you may have. Alternatively, you can subscribe to have contents delivered directly to your mailbox.

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