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At the very least, to begin a career in cloud computing, you will need a job to gain some experience.

Ironically, you also need experience to get a job. Since the latter is a non-starter (especially for newbies), we’re left with a viable option; a certification in cloud computing.

employees with associate or professional level cloud certifications are scare and often in high demand.

(Hanzl, 2020)

Many online platforms offer training in cloud computing. The benefits of learning at a self-pace using free resources cannot be stressed upon enough. However, time and experience have proven that lack of a hands-on test or production environment is just one of the few factors that discourage learners from completing an online course.

Let’s face it, if you must learn cloud computing with the goal of landing a job, you will want a platform that teaches you the core of cloud technology while allowing you the opportunity to get your hands dirty by giving direct access to tools and resources hosted in the cloud.

Hiring Managers Are Interested In Your Hands-On-Ability

While interviewers and hiring managers are interested in your academic and training achievements, candidates that demonstrate hands-on ability are the ones that receive final offers and land jobs. Employers are mostly interested in candidates that demonstrate practical ability to hit the ground running.

No Previous Experience? Not Sure Where To Start? Read Below!

Your First Steps To A Successful Career.

To succeed and begin a career in cloud computing requires both a commitment and access to adequate resources to practice what is being learned. This form of learning brings an interactive environment closer and helps the learner appreciate progress levels at every click of the mouse button. In my opinion, the ultimate benefit of hands-on learning is the content-retainment potential it offers the learner

Fortunately, most of the major cloud providers offer production environments with training guides and interactive sessions that can make you a cloud support professional in as little as 100 days. In order to become AWS certified, for instance, Some providers recommend 120 hours or over 3 months of training with no prior experience of AWS.

For students, it is literally free to use major cloud provider platforms for learning cloud computing. For example, AWS cloud offers a rich content delivery platform that provides credits an approved learner can spend on a cloud resource while learning. I have built an entire infrastructure and have provisioned several EC2 instances on AWS using this option.

As a step further, AWS unlocks job opportunities using the AWS Educate Job Board students can apply to directly upon satisfactory completion of a module. It’s up to the individual to complete the training and get advanced resources unlocked.

Excited much? Let’s cut to the chase…. Give Your Career A Boost!

Here are some of the best providers resources you can leverage to increase your cloud computing knowledge.

Microsoft Azure. Azure offers learning paths for just about any learner. Microsoft even goes further by curating the paths with outlined learning objectives and duration. Once you select your role, you are given access to hands-on learning labs and other free resources. Don’t put it off any longer, signup to Azure! and Start Learning Today.

AWS training and AWS educationis Amazon’s global initiative to provide comprehensive resources-access to students and professionals. AWS Educate provides no-cost access to training materials and labs for students, teachers, and veterans. Stop procrastinating and signup to the AWS Educate program.

AWS training on the other hand includes certifications and supporting materials with classes that help in the preparation for obtaining the required knowledge in the pursuit of obtaining a certification. Check out the Training and Certification section of Amazon’s website for more information.

GCP (Google Cloud Platform), is another major cloud provider that provides rich cloud training contents to everyone at different career levels. Check out the Gooogle Cloud training website for more information on how you can get started.

While there are over 14cloud providers, having a broad knowledge in any one of the three major cloud providers (AWS, GCP, & Azure) is a step in the right direction. Your company will benefit from your cloud certification and knowledge.

According to a 2019 article by Fast Lane, employees with associate or professional level cloud certifications are scare and often in high demand. Those with cloud training and certs even have better chances of earning a higher salary or getting promoted.

Regardless of your current situation, an investment in cloud computing technology may just be your best best bet for landing a new job, getting a promotion at your current job, or the redemption to your job security concerns; something that gives veteran employees the jitters.

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