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By Lloyd Harris | 06/12/2020 Reading Audience: Decision makers, Technical and non-technical professionals.

Desktop as a Service (Daas) is a digital workspace solution of cloud providers to companies employees and end-users. Desktop as a service (DaaS) enables end-users to move past a typical desktop software such as (VDI, RDSH), to a more flexible and extremely cheaper computing platform. The benefits of desktop-as-a-service (Daas) are enormous but mainly help an organization meet remote employees work needs without sacrificing its bottom line.

Ease of management and maintenance, improved security, resilience, mobility, and simplified backup and disaster recovery solutions are all extended benefits of desktop-as-a-service.

Additionally, desktop-as-a-service provides stability and scalability with its elastic design, and ease of use. With this cloud option, customers do not need to worry about running a virtual desktop or worry about technical problems or issues that may arise due to integrations.

Perhaps the most important takeaway from desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) cloud offering, is the liability the cloud company offers for uptime, security, and availability of resources. This mouth-watering offer leaves an entire company’s technical support team free to concentrate on optimizing core infrastructure services while offloading most of its end users technical support to the cloud provider.

Cloud computing is so successful because of its simplicity of use. They are a cost-effective solution for individuals and enterprises.

Desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) has notably benefited organizations by helping employees become more productive. This is especially true for businesses that have thrived during the COVI19 pandemic. green cloud Technologies has a perfect example of success stories on how a customer’s employees have been able to work from home seamlessly during the social distancing situation, due to the use of DaaS.

How can I successfully implement DaaS?

Like every other business decision, care must be taken when deciding to implement desktop-as-a-service (DAAS). The good news is, unlike many other decisions that require exclusive in-house consultation, implementing a (DaaS) solution can be done in concert with both in-house and the solution provider’s consultant.

Questions and concerns such as capacity, security, mobility, and others can be best addressed when both the solution provider and prospective customer’s teams work together during the initial planning phase.

What are my options?

Business.com recommends 3 major cloud providers as top Daas providers for 2020. The recommendation is based on uptime and scalability, business size, backup and failover solutions, and mobility (best for Mobile workforce). Each of the recommended providers has a clear pricing based on the number of users and other customer needs.

Amazon WorkSpaces Pricing in particular has a free tier option for customers that would like to try their service before making a decision to buy. Per Amazon’s Website promotion, Beginning April 1st, we are offering Amazon WorkSpaces for up to 50 users at no charge for new WorkSpaces customers, offer available through June 30, 2020. This offer will include our Standard, Value, and Performance bundles. To learn more about this offer, see the Free Tier section.

To conclude, an end-user or business decision to go with a desktop-as-a-service(DaaS) solution can result in increased employee productivity, reduced costs, simplified and centralized administration, session reliability, and accommodate a BYOD(bring your own device) benefit.

As more workers continue to adapt to working from home and other remote locations, organizations can expect a potentially huge and permanent shift that may end up being the new norm. Taking the first step as a business decision-maker in acquiring a DaaS solution will help you maintain a competitive workforce and enhance your customers’ engagement without barriers.

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