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“Well, my job title says, Help Desk Technician”

By Lloyd Harris | May 1, 2020. Subscribe for more exciting contents.

An Information Technology (I.T) Help Desk is a support center equipped with resources to help an organization’s employees or end-users. I.T Help Desk setups are usually found within medium to large organizations. The I.T Help Desk environment can be within an office setting, a go-to center, or a quick shop set up to provide assistance to conference site attendees.

A technician is anyone who is recognized as having the ability to proficiently address technical problems with equipment or software that has experienced a malfunction. Put together, a help desk technician is an individual with the ability to provide technical support to another individual or a group of individuals (called end-users).

Help Desk technicians assume many responsibilities or wear many hats depending on the situation. It is not uncommon for a help desk technician to be referred to as an IT specialist within large corporations. Depending on organizational needs and perhaps budget, it is becoming increasingly easy to find these brilliant technicians bearing titles such as Desktop Support Technician,  Technical Support Specialist, IT Specialist, Remote Technical Support Representative, Smart Hands Tech, or even Field Support Technician. The list is almost endless when it comes to nomenclature for help desk technicians.

Job titles aside, a considerable amount of knowledge and skillet is required to effectively function as an I.T Help Desk Technician. Suffice it to say, this is no walk in the park! The competitive nature of this occupation has made the role even more challenging; which, in my opinion, is a good thing. Additionally, time and technological advancements have necessitated that Help Desk Technicians’ skills and knowledge are carefully curated to maintain a competitive advantage in the job market and avoid going obsolete.

I believe I speak for most when I say everyone who’s moved up the IT ladder may have gone through a Help Desk Support role either as a first, mid-level, or last career choice in their IT journey. For most, like myself, the viability of a Help Desk Technician occupation is synonymous with the “going concern principle“, an accounting term that assumes the continuity of a business’s lifespan in the foreseeable future. Similar to the accounting continuity principle, the I.T Help Desk Technician title seems to average out among many technology occupations as a stable position that defines the baseline for a technician’s continued employ-ability, guaranteed to last outlast most job titles. This is particularly true for the foreseeable future where artificial intelligence (AI) is predicted to take over the majority of tech-related jobs.

 To conclude, you’d be surprised how the varying job titles and job descriptions of a Help Desk Technician have evolved over time. Even more concerning is the distinct skillet requirements HR departments draw up for would-be employees to meet before being hired. We explore these titles, their contributions (or lack thereof) to the IT industry, and also provide a sneak peek of how to curate one’s skill (a full article is dedicated to this topic), to remain relevant to the job market.

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